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Starbucks for Sale: Is This NNN Investment Still Profitable in 2023?

By Netleasefinder.com

We’ve seen the real estate market in the US take a significant tilt as investors now prefer to key into triple net properties. The reason for this dramatic shift is quite simple – most investors want a profitable investment form that’s low-risk. With NNN properties offering these benefits and more, people are making purchases like never before.

However, newbie investors looking to partake in this “gold mine” of a market are concerned about what property forms are worth the investment. This consideration is crucial as it determines the success of a purchased NNN property in the long run.

That said, taking a look at the market demographics should do some good for these investors. If they look hard enough, they’ll notice that NNN properties that have amassed a reputation and are favored by seasoned investors are those from the stables of established brands.

Why Invest?

It’s simple. While these businesses are based in excellent locations, investors that purchase these NNN properties are assured of getting significant returns on their investment. For some context, favored NNNs include those from recognized entities like Starbucks, 7-Eleven, etcetera.

With both entities featuring a massive clientele, we’ll be focusing on Starbucks. Below, we’ll be taking a look at the reasons why Starbucks for sale properties are considered attractive net lease investments.

Additionally, we’ll also give investors looking to acquire a Starbucks net lease property for sale, some crucial factors to consider before going ahead with their purchase decision.

Are you ready to partner with an entity that’s revered for its products across the World? Well, that journey starts NOW!

Why Are Starbucks NNN Properties Revered?

Starbucks is a well-known and respected brand in the coffee industry, and this can make its NNN properties attractive to investors. Starbucks NNN properties may be particularly appealing to investors who are seeking a long-term, stable investment with a reliable tenant. Starbucks has a reputation for being a responsible tenant that takes good care of its triple net properties, which can make its properties more attractive to landlords interest in long term passive income. Starbucks NNN properties may also be considered attractive to investors because of the company's strong financial performance and the potential for steady, long-term cash flow from the net lease properties. Starbucks NNN properties may also be considered attractive because of the popularity of the brand, which may help to attract customers to the location and potentially increase the value of the property over time.

Finding a Starbucks property for sale may be all you need to achieve the profit margin you've always thought was improbable for the reasons listed above.

However, even though a Starbucks NNN might seem like the deal of a lifetime, being cautious as an investor will undoubtedly benefit you. You have a lower chance of losing if you choose to buy a Starbucks NNN when you're composed enough to consider things from a different angle and carefully consider your options.

Below, we’ll take a look at vital considerations to make before you put pen to paper on that Starbucks NNN lease for sale.

What to Consider before making a Starbucks NNN Purchase:

As with any NNN lease properties for sale, having an experienced deal team and underwriting standards is essential. When you’re investing in something as versatile as triple net real estate, you have to be conservative with your approach.

Consequently, if you’d like to enter into a Starbucks for sale NNN lease agreement, you must weigh the following factors carefully:

Return on Investment

Your main goal as an investor is to generate a respectable ROI over the long term. You must think about the estimated investment returns of your Starbucks NNN investment with this factor front and center. It's crucial to remember that your ROI depends on a number of factors, including location, maintenance, and lease terms.

Purchase Value 

Financing is yet another important consideration to keep in mind when acquiring a Starbucks NNN properties. Since the majority of Starbucks NNNs have outright purchase values of roughly $2,500,000 and higher, you'd need a practical method of financing the purchase that won't cause you any problems. Therefore, you might want to look at the real estate listings on reputable websites like Netleasefinder.com before you decide to purchase a NNN Starbucks for sale in Florida or Texas. This step is essential because it enables you to sort through the best options on the market and make a wise choice based on the financing you have available.

Lease Term

Starbucks NNN properties have longer leases of up to 10 years. Not all hope is lost, though, if you must enter a shorter-term Starbucks NNN lease. Negotiating a lower price with Starbucks NNN property Sellers will improve the return profile over the holding period. At allow enough purchase price on a NNN lease property the lower the cost to replace a tenant in the future.

Strong Retail Corridors and Growing Population

Since they help your Starbucks run like a well-oiled machine, nearby businesses don't necessarily have to be your rivals. Let's assume that restaurants and convenience stores are the nearby establishments since Starbucks is a well-known beverage company in the US. Even though this might appear to be a drawback, customers of these establishments might find themselves in need of coffee and, who knows, enter your Starbucks NNN property to place an order. Your business will undoubtedly generate a ton of daily revenue thanks to the traffic that results from these entities operating together. So, look around the area and see if there are any established businesses there before you buy a Starbucks NNN for sale. If there is a shortage, the area is probably not conducive to business. Consequently, you are advised to avoid it the NNN lease investment opportunity.


Starbucks has achieved more than just another milestone by placing 125th on the Fortune 500. It demonstrates that they have set the standard in the QSR market, so it is not surprising that in 2023, investors will be flocking to this type of real estate. Investors looking to generate a sizable amount of passive income can achieve their objectives with Starbucks NNN properties. The US real estate market has experienced a significant shift as investors now favor triple net properties. The primary driver of this abrupt shift is a common desire among investors for a profitable, low-risk investment vehicle. People are buying like never before thanks to NNN properties' availability of these advantages and more.