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If you are in the market for NNN for sale, you have most likely done your research and know that investment grade triple net lease properties are high quality sources for long-term income and capital appreciation for all real estate investors. The net lease market has a wide range of opportunities with at least 375 investment grade and national tenants to choose from depending on an investor’s property search criteria. Working with Netleasefinder.coms net lease group, NLF Advisors; we will help you identify the ideal NNN lease for sale that meet your investment goals.
Triple net lease income properties are preferred investments for investors who want as little to management responsibilities. NNN lease structures puts all of the operating costs (taxes, maintenance, and insurance) on the tenant and the investor simply collects a rent check from the tenant every month. Triple net lease properties should be considered for investors looking for a long-term predictable source of passive income.

Triple Net Lease Properties – Buy And Hold or Fix and Flip Investments?

When searching for a NNN for sale, it’s please take into consideration that that triple net lease properties are for long term investors and not for short term “flips.”
Since the tenants are typically Fortune 500 or Nationals, NNN properties are kept in excellent condition to meet corporate compliance, are leased to quality tenants in mission-critical locations, and lease terms range from 10 to 25 years. The long-term income makes financing acquisitions easier and the term of the lease will typically cover the term of the loan.
Investors approaching retirement or looking to avoid the volatility of the stock market turn to NNN properties for sale.

No Location Restrictions or On-Site Management

Due to the management intensive nature of traditional residential or commercial real estate investments, it is common for investors to want to live in close proximity to their investments. When searching for NNN for sale, most investors are not concerned by the location of the property as they are not required by the lease structure to maintain the property.
As a result, this affords investors greater opportunity to invest in out-of-state, mission-critical assets in areas with greater demographics – translating into greater profits over the long run.
Fortune 500 and National tenants are interested in mission critical locations, strong retail or medical corridors that occupy a prominent location where there is heavy traffic, established and growing population demographics. By not being restricted to buy NNN for sale location this allows investors to continue to manage their affairs remotely.

Have The Right People On Your Team

Whether you need assistance in sourcing, negotiating, and/or financing the right NNN for sale, navigating the net lease market or managing the business side of a NNN property, NLF Advisors has the net lease team you need to help. Contact us today for more information.
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